The Tools We Used to Help a Nonprofit Collect Donations of $465,193 in One Day

Last month, we participated in The Community Foundation’s Day of Giving – an historic event which raised $465,193 in just one day. A portion of that money was raised completely online using a few simple tools available to all nonprofits. In this post, we’ll tell you how they did it, and the tools we used […]

Event Ticketing with WordPress, Gravity Forms, and PayPal

WordPress is a powerful CMS and blogging platform, but many site admins also have the need to sell tickets to events – especially nonprofits that often hold events like walk-a-thons, auctions, galas, etc. But full-blown e-commerce solutions can be very expensive, and very complicated to setup. So what we’ve put together in the text and […]

Changing Your Notification Settings in Gravity Forms for WordPress

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin from WordPress that adds beautiful and functional forms to your website. With its ability to capture nearly any type of information that can be submitted on the web, and its fantastic library of add-ons, and its API which allows you to alter forms for theming and plugin development, Gravity […]