If you manage or work for a nonprofit you should be blogging — the benefits are almost too many to mention, but here are a few:  increased traffic to your website, increased time the viewer spends on the site, increased engagement in comments and social shares, increased attendance at offline events, larger bases of supporters and advocates, and more online donations.

But even with our advanced technology, many organizations are still in the dark ages when it comes to promoting the nonprofit online. Thankfully, we make it our mission (literally!) to show you how to make better use of technology and to put it to work FOR your organization. That\’s why we\’re so excited to announce our partnership with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – the nation\’s largest public library group.

This week, we\’re kicking off a 3 part / 3 week course on blogging for nonprofits, not-so-creatively titled Blogging for Nonprofits.


Blogging for Nonprofits 101: In Part 1 – we\’ll introduce you to the concept of blogging, examine elements of successful blogs, and even get you setup with your own blog at no cost to you. We\’ll leave you with a few bonus items including an editorial calendar to plan your posts and a handful of blog post templates you can use to structure your own writing.

Blogging for Nonprofits 201:  In Part 2 – we\’ll take a deeper dive into blogging and discuss content generating tools, how to categorize and tag your blog posts for maximum exposure on the web, how to fine-tune the settings of your blog and more. As a special bonus, you\’ll receive access to 50 video tutorials helping you navigate every angle of your new blog.

Blogging for Nonprofits 301: In the final part of the course, we\’ll look at some advanced blogging techniques like changing your blog site template design, creating some static pages to complement your dynamic blog content, sending your blog posts to subscribers via email, and even how to take donations directly on your blog. When we\’re through, you\’ll get an almost 100 page written instruction manual to compliment the 50 tutorial videos you received in part 2.

When the course is all done, you\’ll have set up your own blog, started writing engaging content, learned how to integrate social media streams and your new blog, and you\’ll have the tools to maintain that blog for years to come.

In the last two years we\’ve helped nonprofits raise more than $300,000 completely online with their websites and more than $3 million offline. The blogging courses are only $20 each – $60 total.

If you do nothing else this year you MUST come to this blogging course. Make a small investment in your career that has the ability to bring a huge payoff to you and your organization.

You can register for each event separately via the Carnegie Library Website using the links below:


Each course is held at the same Location: The Carnegie Library in East Liberty.

130 S. Whitfield Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 


The East Liberty library has free wi-fi, and we\’ll be doing some hands-on work, so while a laptop is not required, you\’ll certainly get more out of it by doing as we learn, so feel free to bring your computer!

For more information contact the Nonprofit Resource Center at (412) 622-6277.

As with all of our presentations and courses, we like to tailor the learning material to your specific needs. That\’s why we give you the opportunity to submit questions prior to class. I promise to answer every single one. Fill out the form below and let me know any questions you might have.

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