Over the next month, OrgSpring will be contributing articles to one of the most popular destinations on the internet, WPMU.org – a site dedicated to everything and anything WordPress related.

We\’re putting together a few articles to help those who are new to WordPress as a website and blogging platform, and also for those with experience who are looking to take their development skills to the next level. As always, we\’ll be incorporating some great information for your nonprofit.

We hope you\’ll join us on this journey. If you read an article that speaks to you, please leave us a comment or share it with your networks.

Here are the first few articles that have been published already:

Fundraising with WordPress: A Guide for NonProfits

If you\’re nonprofit would like to take control of its fundraising and keep donors on its website, try the fundraising plugin from WPMU. Learn how to use WordPress in your organization.


Manage and Sell Tickets to Your Events in WordPress

Manage and sell tickets to your next event with the Events Plus Plugin for WordPress.


Google Analytics – Creating Goals and Funnels with WordPress Pages

If you want to take control of your website analytics, learn how to use goals and funnels to improve site copy, click through rates, and even profitability.


A Guide to WordPress Discussion Settings

If you\’re a blogger and want to let your posts reach the maximum number of people you need as many comments and shares as possible. Learn how to set your discussion settings to maximize shares and help your posts go viral.


Creating Sample XML Data for Multiple WordPress Sites

If you\’re starting to develop or manage multiple sites in wordpress, or if you are working on behalf of several clients, you need a way to replicate sample data – Enter WordPress\’ XML Import and Export Features.


Adding Custom Post Types to Your Home Page and Feeds

If you\’ve started to experiment with Custom Post Types on the WordPress, the world\’s best blogging platform, you\’ll need a way to add those posts to your home page and your main feed. Here\’s how to do it.


Categories and Tags – What they are and When to Use them

Knowing how and when to use categories and tags can help organize your blog and make it easier to read.



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