WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin Review and Tutorial

I really enjoy doing these combination review and tutorial posts. They give us the ability to introduce you to a new plugin while simultaneously showing you how to install, configure it, and use it for your very own nonprofit.

In this episode, I’m going to show you the WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin from Tyche Sotwares. This is an extension for the free WooCommerce e-commerce extension, and it add event booking and appointment functionality to your site.


To be transparent about our intention with this post and review, we were not given this plugin for free by the author. We purchased this plugin at full-freight. We did not promise this author a review nor did he ask for one. However, since we have been using this plugin we did have the chance to interact with the author and give him a few suggestions that we thought might make the plugin more usable. Some of them were incorporated into the plugin and some were not.

With that said, we really liked using it. It was easy to install, easy to configure, and it worked without any hitches.

What follows below is the video we made walking you through what the plugin does and how you can use it. After the video is some text explanation of the key features and how nonprofits, in particular, can use it to their advantage.


The WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin has several things going for it. To start, it’s simple to use. It installs just like a regular plugin. And once you get that finished, the settings screens for the plugin is fairly easy to complete as well. They include a main options page and options on each product page, both shown in the images below (click image for full view).


It’s not like other booking plugins that have 14 options panels and hundreds of settings. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. It’s not trying to be something too encompassing. It doesn’t have a million integrations. It handles bookings and time-slots and it does them both well.

Booking Plugin Options

Among the options are the ability to set the following:

  1. Language
  2. Date format
  3. Calendar months to show during booking selection
  4. Black out dates for no-booking

That’s it – 4 settings and you’re done. The rest is taken care of in-product, and since this integrates with woo, all the other complex purchase stuff is handled by WooCommerce┬ánatively.


Product / Booking Level Options

At the product level, this is where the bulk of the booking specific settings are made. Here, you can control the following:

  • Enable or disable booking functionality
  • Allow multiple day booking (seminars, festivals,etc.)
  • Booking method – single occurrences on specific dates or recurring days for schedule type appointments
  • Lockout – ability to lock out appointment availability after a certain number of bookings
  • Booking lead time
  • Number of advance days to choose from
  • Purchase without choosing a date – This option is helpful to allow people to buy an item, but not choose a specific date – like as gifts for other people, or gift certificates like for a spa day, etc.
  • Additional black out days
  • The ability to add time slots to your bookings.


The Limitations

This is not the be-all, end-all for booking plugins, not was it meant to be. The plugin is not as full featured as others like Appointments+ from WPMUDev, which sports gcal integration, appointment reminders, and multiple user schedules. The WPMUDev offering is not as expensive either, but it is MUCH more complex to setup and use. More expensive programs like Event Espresso offer even more customizable options for event booking and registration, but that program is infinitely more expensive and similarly harder to setup.


For simple bookings and easy appointments, the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin is a smart decision, especially if you’re already running WooCommerce – a platform that has historically been without a real booking solution for too long.