Walk for Cure

Walk for Cure is a video sharing site created for the Scleroderma Foundation, which provides support, education, and research for people with Scleroderma, a disease which, to date, has no cure.

The purpose of the site is to raise awareness for the Scleroderma Foundation by allowing supporters to upload videos telling the world why they support the foundation. The videos display on a custom gallery page and are opened in a lightbox, allowing the viewer to stay on the Walk for Cure site, as opposed to linking the video off-site to places like YouTube or Vimeo.

The Walk for Cure Home Page featured a video slider, which highlights a few videos and gives instructions to viewers on how to upload their own videos to the site in just a few easy steps. We also created a form by which viewers can easily upload their videos which automatically format and save in a custom post type on the wordpress back end. All that is required is for a site administrator to make sure the video meets site guidelines and they can publish the video with just one click.

To see the site in action, click on any of the photos below to be taken directly to that page on the site.

Walk for Cure Home Page | OrgSpring Web Design Portfolio

We also designed a matching blog page, and and events page where local chapters of the Sclerodmera Foundation can submit information about their various walk-a-thons – even take registrations and pass out brochures and flyers to interested viewers. Again, the event submission is automated with a form that places the event into the wordpress backend which can be further moderated by the site admin.

Walk for Cure Video Gallery Page | OrgSpring Web Design Portfolio

The wordpress commenting functionality was completely retooled to allow custom sharing of any video, post, or event through multiple social media networks. As a bonus, we tied in Facebook commenting functionality which automatically posts the viewers comments to the blog on their own Facebook wall.

Walk for Cure Blog Page | OrgSpring Web Design Portfolio

Finally, we tied in a donation page which can be accessed from just about every other page on the site. The donation page itself runs as a frame allowing the donor to stay within the Walk for Cure website.

Walk for Cure Donate Page | OrgSpring Web Design Portfolio



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Craig Grella

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