\"HowGoogle + is a fantastic social network that makes sharing photos a snap.

To share using Google+ you\’ll need a Google account. If you use gmail (or any other Google service) then you\’ve already got a Google account.

If not, you can follow our Google + Tutorials on the OrgSpring YouTube Page.


Why Use Google + for Photo Sharing?

There are a few reasons why Google + is a great network for photo sharing and uploading:

  1. Google gives you 15 gb free storage space to hold your files, images, and email. This is mountains more space than most other free storage providers including drop box, iCloud, and others. For example, a 12-18mp camera will produce a good quality jpg format picture taking up approximately 3mb. That leaves room for approximately 5,000 images.
  2. It integrates seamlessly with Google mail, Google Hangouts, and other Google services.
  3. Google photos includes a built-in image editor which allows you to touch-up your photos before uploading them. It\’s not as powerful as stand-along editors like photoshop, but it works very well for quick fixes of common photo issues like over or under exposure, too many shadows or highlights, and it performs color corrections quite well.
  4. You can automatically upload any photo taken on your mobile devices, phones and tablets directly to your Google + Photo albums.
  5. You have more granular control over sharing options and privacy than any other social network.

Uploading And Sharing Files with Google +

Below, you can view a short tutorial video we created that shows you how to upload photos to your Google + account, and how to share them via the Google + Social Network and through email as a link to the online album. The video is shot in HD. Once you hit play, remember to click the cog wheel in the bottom right of the video and select 1080p (HD).


If you need additional help uploading photos to your Google + network, leave a comment at the bottom.



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