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If you’ve watched more than 5 or 10 minutes of YouTube you’ve probably come across those pesky advertisements that pop up at the bottom of the video. They just pop in and hover obscuring the bottom portion of your video blocking whatever might be underneath – like what can be seen in the image below.

On average, those ads take up more than  15% of the screen space while visible. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to turn off advertising on your YouTube videos.

pesky youtube ads

Who Controls the Advertisements on YouTube?

Generally, those ads are contextual to the viewer, not the video. That means the ads that display have nothing to do with your video at all – they are served up based on what the viewer has been searching for most recently. The image above is a perfect example of this contextual display. The video itself is about marketing on YouTube, but the advertisement is about a database for nonprofits. The two obviously do not go together, but this ad displays because several of my recent Google and YouTube searches focus on database software for nonprofits.

Contextual ads are great in that they almost always show relevant content to the viewer, but that content will be relevant to the viewer and not the video itself. That means the video creator might not be happy about what’s displaying under his video. For instance, the Catholic church might not appreciate advertisements for abortion clinics displaying during videos of church sermons.

If your organization is sensitive to the advertisements that might get displayed while watching your YouTube videos, it might be best to turn off advertising altogether. This is a simple fix inside your YouTube settings.


Turning Off Advertisements in YouTube Settings

We’ve created a quick tutorial video to show you how easy it is to turn off all advertisements on your own YouTube videos. The video is just 3 minutes long and can be seen below. Following the video is a text explanation of the same settings.


To turn off advertisements in all your YouTube videos, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to Youtube/Google Account
  2. Visit YouTube Page
  3. Click on Profile Icon on Top Right of Page
  4. Click on YouTube Settings
  5. In Content Area – Click on View Additional Settings Link
  6. In Menu Bar at Left, Click on Advanced
  7. View Advertisements Section Heading
  8. Click on Radio Button for Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos.
  9. Site back and relax – you’re done!


Remember to click the save button on the top right before closing this window. That will ensure your settings stick.

You can reload your YouTube window. To test the settings, log out of your account and then try viewing your videos. You should see that advertisements have been turned off completely, and they will not show to your video viewers.


If you have any questions about this video tutorial, please leave a comment here on our YouTube page. If you’d like to see other video tutorials, be sure to leave us a note. Thanks!



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