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truth x vision logoTruth x Vision is an innovative nonprofit organization that empowers young people to make a difference in the world by honing in on their individual talents and interests.

Founded in 2008 by Kris Asleson, who was just 16 at the time, the organization is in tune with the needs and interests of young people. Asleson felt that young people in the US were looking for spiritual fulfillment. He wanted to create an organization that could help them to find it while addressing the physical needs of young people in Africa, specifically the lack of adequate food resources.

“In Ghana and much of Africa, we see…”the curse of the resources,” Asleson says. “Because of all the gold, oil, and diamonds, sometimes things like food and water are actually ignored…You often see agricultural sectors making up significant percentages of GDP (Ghana’s agricultural sector makes up 60% of the GDP), yet they’re operating at a very low capacity, creating shortages and inefficiencies. Much of Africa’s agricultural sector needs to be modernized before any foundational growth can occur, so (that’s what we are focusing on) as we try to do our part to get this ball rolling.”

Truth x Vision has teamed up with Grow International to facilitate the Farm-in-a-Barrel project, for which a couple of young volunteers have traveled to Ghana this summer. Farm-in-a-Barrel provides African farmers with an easy-to-transport barrel containing the equipment that is needed to start a farm in a specific area, such as poultry.

Asleson has high hopes for the practical application of Farm-in-a-Barrel, as it “does not require any fancy technology or significant start-up capital, which makes it accessible to many…This project introduces a profitable side income for unemployed or underemployed beneficiaries without…the hurdles of new technology and heavy financing that normally restrict agricultural development.”

Truth x Vision has a few other exciting projects going on right now, as well. The Ghana Development Initiative focuses on teaching efficient farming techniques to young Ghanaians. The project seeks to provide jobs and food security by enabling Ghanaian farmers to export large quantities of food to West Africa. Like Farm-in-a-Barrel, the Ghana Development Initiative offers “a sustainable platform to grow a business,” explains Asleson, “rather than just giving a handout.” Similarly, the Sierra Leone Rice Project helps farmers in the village of Taiama to grow and harvest rice by providing the money and technology to get started.

Asleson emphasizes the importance of collaboration with the local villagers and leaders, and that of knowing one’s place in a movement: “The African work ethic is extremely creative and hardworking…to try to be the superhero coming in from the West…is actually very detrimental. Africa does need help, but it is important to recognize how and when to help. Our goal as an organization is to provide developmental platforms that offer lucrative opportunity, and then let the beneficiaries take it from there!”

Truth x Vision encourages young people in the US to learn more about the many opportunities to get involved by contacting them at


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