The Technology of Kindness and Generosity

I’ve been in the nonprofit world for many years and have experienced some amazing things. I’ve seen people pulled out of burning buildings (literally), others saved from situations of domestic violence. I’ve seen sick children beat the odds, and I’ve seen deep compassion bring smiles to the faces of people who had stopped believing anyone still cared.


All these things are possible when we take a moment to be kind to other people. To spread the generosity we have received to those around us; to touch the lives of others in a positive way — to help make the burden of others a little more bearable.

That’s exactly why I started OrgSpring. I know there are great organizations struggling with technology — fighting to create and maintain a website that helps them get noticed in a noisy world. Striving to stand out while competition for grant money gets more fierce each year. Sometimes, just trying to keep the doors open long enough to help a person who is really in need. And that’s why OrgSpring makes its services available to those organizations in need and our expertise available to those nonprofits which choose to better serve their audience and more efficiently accomplish their missions.

But, I’ll admit, I’m still floored when I experience true acts of kindness and generosity, and that’s exactly what happened this week when OrgSpring was chosen by email marketing provider Emma, Inc. as one of the few nonprofit organizations around the globe which would be honored with free email marketing for the life of our organization.


Emma’s CEO, Clint Smith put the honor in perfect perspective by saying: “It’s no secret that small nonprofits can do some pretty big things with the right tools, so it felt fitting to celebrate our tenth year of the program by awarding more honorees than ever before. We know that by helping these 100 organizations manage their email communications, they can better connect with their donors and volunteers and improve the lives of people in their communities even more.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the gang at Emma for their tireless work on behalf of nonprofits. We’re a technology company and sometimes we can get bogged down in the minutiae of our jobs. This week, Emma reminded us what being a nonprofit is all about – helping people!

OrgSpring is a small, but growing nonprofit. We’ve helped many, but we plan to help even more — and this generous gift from Emma will help us reach more organizations doing great work in communities and neighborhoods throughout our country.

We don’t plan to rest until every nonprofit has a great website. One that has the functionality your organization needs. One that is a pleasure to use and update, not a source of frustration to maintain. One that helps your organization help others, while acting as a source of income and entrepreneurship for your team.

If you’re a nonprofit doing great work in your community and you need help with your technology, or even just getting on the web — please let us know. Seriously! Send us a note here and let us know about the work you’re doing. We’ll share it with our network and spread the word.

It’s a new year, and we’re excited for the possibilities that lay ahead. We hope you’ll join us in sharing our good fortune by celebrating Emma, and it’s fantastic team doing great work for small businesses (and nonprofits) around the globe!

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Craig Grella

Founder and Executive Director at OrgSpring
Craig is the founder and executive director or OrgSpring, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits achieve their missions online. Through tips and tutorials, Craig's goal is show nonprofits how to use technology to become more efficient, grow their list of supporters, and increase online donations.