Terms and Conditions for Services


We allow all themes found on the WordPress repository, but may at any time decide to remove a theme or disallow it for any reason due to security concerns or poor coding and performance. We will host other premium themes from theme shops on a case by case basis. Thankfully, we use only premium themes known to have clean, efficient code. This should never be an issue, but it’s worth mentioning.



Our WordPress installations run in a sophisticated server environment tested to outperform most other premium servers on the market, and we’ve proven that to be true on several occasions. To keep our servers running smooth there are a few plugins we will not host or maintain including:

  • WP Super Cache
  • WP File Cache
  • W3 Total Cache

While these plugins are lauded throughout the WordPress community, we’ve found them to be heavy and require more management than they’re actually worth. In each case, we use alternative plugins we feel to be comparable or superior.



We do not allow any plugins that try to send mail directly from the server. This includes plugins like:

  • MailPoet
  • WP Mailing List
  • and others

These plugins tax the server and are not effective at delivering mail. We recommend a third-party service like Mailchimp, or our own Email Marketing Service – OrgSpringMail.com. Plus, we will help you configure it to work with your site.


Videos and Images

We recognize that media like images and videos make your site unique and provide a great experience for your viewers. You should realize that these items can take up enormous amounts of space and deplete your available server space if not monitored. Today’s digital cameras allow for picture sizes north of 5,000 pixels by 5,000 pixels with image sizes up to 20mb each. We recommend sizing your images appropriately before uploading them – and we’re happy to help you do that.

We do not host sites that operate as image, video, or file hosting or sharing sites. This shouldn’t be an issue, but if we discover that your site is being used as such we may ask you to terminate that functionality or remove your site from our servers. If you’re not sure what that means, you don’t want to run a site like Napster where you post files for download and allow others to post files for download as well.

We allow video to be uploaded to the site with specific file size limits, but we always encourage you to open a free account with Vimeo or YouTube. WordPress works particularly well with those services and there are other benefits to embedding videos from those services rather than uploading video directly from the server. If you have a need to restrict video usage we will work with you to make that happen on your site on a case-by-case basis.



We are not lawyers – we will not scan your materials for copyright infringement. We just host your site. If the owner of a piece of media finds that your site is hosting material her or she has copyrighted and feels you did not license it properly and that person gets in touch with us because we host or serve the site, we will need to have a conversation with you to quickly resolve the issue.


cPanel / FTP Access

We do not typically grant access to cPanel or FTP for sites we host because of one’s ability to completely delete files or entire sites. However, on a case by case basis we might allow such access.