What We Did Before There Were Apps

There’s no disputing that Apple’s release of the iPhone, iPad, and associated App store were game changers in the world of technology and computing. With more than 500,000 applications and more than 25 billion downloads these apps let us do everything from take photos and video to telling us what song is on the radio […]

Integrating Gmail and Salesforce with One Awesome App

If you are a nonprofit that has been looking for a way to better integrate your email solution with your CRM, this post is for you. We’re going to show you a new application that helps you integrate Gmail with Google Apps and Salesforce. It works amazingly well, and will increase your productivity passing data […]

Create a Facebook Page for your Nonprofit – Enhanced Timeline Version

This short tutorial takes you through creating a Facebook page for your organization using the new enhanced timeline features, now standard across all Facebook pages. This is an updated version of our older tutorial which can be found here. [message type=”simple”]For more social media creating goodness you can view these tutorials: 9 Social Media Platforms […]

Adding a Custom Logo to Google Apps

Google Apps is a fantastic program for your organization. It contains the essential google items like Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Docs, and groups, but allows for ┬ámultiple users under one top level domain. This is why Google apps is such a good program for nonprofits with several staff members. Everyone can share files, contacts, and […]

NPTech: iPad High School

[message type=”info”]NPTech is a new series of posts in which we plan to highlight nonprofit organizations around the world using technology in new and interesting ways. If you know a nonprofit that fits the bill, send us a note and we’ll showcase them here.[/message] The principal of Burlington High School in Massachussetts caught some flak […]