Create Variable and Donation Products in WooCommerce

In this tutorial post we’ll show you how to create variable and donation products in WooCommerce for WordPress. ¬†This is important for anyone selling products that go beyond the basic product types and nonprofit organizations that want a simple way to allow supporters to quickly contribute¬†online. We’ll be walking you through the processes in text […]

Manual Orders and Refunds in WordPress and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most versatile e-commerce system for WordPress, and in these two tutorials I’m going to show you how to add manual orders and refunds in your e-commerce system.   Adding Manual Orders in WooCommerce Anyone who’s run a store can tell you that customers often can’t navigate it, no matter how user-friendly you […]

Event Ticketing with WordPress, Gravity Forms, and PayPal

WordPress is a powerful CMS and blogging platform, but many site admins also have the need to sell tickets to events – especially nonprofits that often hold events like walk-a-thons, auctions, galas, etc. But full-blown e-commerce solutions can be very expensive, and very complicated to setup. So what we’ve put together in the text and […]