Social Media Login Spreadsheet

The social media login spreadsheet will help you keep track of usernames, passwords, and other important data related to the websites you visit most often.

Columns included are:

  • Website – this is the name of the website. Ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Username – This is the username used to log into the website
  • Password – This is the password set for the username
  • Associated Email Address – Some websites require an email address to be associated with the account. Others use your email address as a password. That email address can be listed in this column.
  • Login URL – This is the actual web address of the login page. In most cases, this is the same as the site name, but some websites, like wordpress, have a special url specific to login.
  • Notes – This area can be used for any notes you might have, like the answer to a secret question, which some websites ask for identity verification.
  • Cancel by Date – Many websites offer free trial periods, and for those which take payment information you need to know the date when the trial ends so you are not charged for the service should you decide not to enroll.  As you signup for trials, enter the cancel by date in this column as a reminder for when you need to cancel.

To download the Social Media Login Spreadsheet for either Mac Numbers or Microsoft Excel format, click the appropriate icon below:

Mac Numbers Format


Microsoft Excel Format