Scleroderma Gets The Word Out on Social Media

[custom_frame_right shadow=\”on\”]\"\"[/custom_frame_right] The Scleroderma Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that supports and educates people with Scleroderma, and funds research to find a cure for a disease that, to date, has none. The foundation holds a bi-annual call-in day when it asks supporters and advocates to call their congressman and senators to sponsor bills related to funding research for Scleroderma.

In the past, Scleroderma lobbied congress to be included as one of the featured organizations in the DOD\’s peer reviewed research program, which resulted in approval of $2.5 million in funding for Scleroderma research grants.

This year, Scleroderma wants to increase funding and awareness through the call-in day, and they\’re using OrgSpring to help with the social media strategy.

As part of our campaign, we created a custom landing page for the Scleroderma Advocacy Facebook page, and custom pages for Scleroderma chapters in several cities across the country. We also helped coordinate announcements on Facebook,  Twitter, and several influential Blogs Рall designed to drive traffic to the advocacy page, and instructions on how to call your representatives to ask them to support the bills.

And then we went a step further with an innovative approach to raising awareness for Scleroderma. We designed three photos which can be used as Facebook Timeline Cover photos and asked supporters to use these photos in their own Facebook profiles. We made those photos available to supporters via a custom designed page on our site, with links to Facebook profiles, and both video and text instructions for the download and installation of the pictures.

To find your local representatives and for instructions on how to make the call on February 8th – you can download a pdf from the Scleroderma Advocacy Page.

Get Involved with Innovative Social Media Sharing

To find out how you can help support Scleroderma by using one of their pictures as your personal Facebook Timeline cover photo, you can visit OrgSpring\’s Scleroderma Page¬†for video and text instructions, as well as links to download the pictures directly.

We\’ll publish the results of the effort after the call-in day. Stay tuned…and don\’t forget to share this story with your friends using the share bar below.


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