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OrgSpring is happy to announce the launch of another nonprofit site for the Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center, a nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania that is helping to safely eliminate domestic violence in our society. The HOPE Center is a great organization doing fantastic work in our community.

As nonprofits, we talk about “needs of those we serve,” and when we write grants we talk about the impact we’ve made and how our community has benefited from our services. The HOPE Center’s benefits are clear:

In the past two years alone, the HOPE Center has helped more than 3,000 women, men, and children safely escape situations of domestic violence. They’ve provided shelter for nearly 300 people, and education programs that have reached more than 100 adults and 400 children from ages 5 through 18, and have helped more than 1,000 people file emergency legal protection orders to escape dangerous situations in their homes.

Thanks to the Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center, our community is a safer, brighter place.


Highlights of the Alle-Kiski Area Website


The HOPE Center site features a responsive layout which changes and responds to the browser screen size, which means it works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

It features a slider on the home page with program and service boxes, and an area to display the latest blog posts below that. It also includes a special section for events and a calendar to show them in graphical format. Single page events include Google Maps functionality.

Finally, we added forms to allow for online donation, Amazon wish list fulfillment, and taking volunteer applications.

Here’s what the HOPE center had to say about our work with them:

It is becoming more clear to me each day of our affiliation that I could probably write a letter of thanks and testimonial each day and it would still not be enough. Not only were you and your team prompt and responsive, but you motivated us into the 21st century by providing couteous and technical support to allow us to make this website easy to use and update – and easy to navigate by those we serve – making vital information more accessible.
M. Bond – Executive Director, Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center

OrgSpring encourages you to visit the new HOPE Center website. Leave a comment, send your support, and consider making a donation. For just a few dollars, you can help shelter a family in need and move us closer to a world with fewer incidences of domestic violence.

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