OrgSpring opened its doors in 2012 as a small nonprofit helping other nonprofits accomplish their missions through the web and related technologies.

We did this through articles, blog posts, social media updates, fundraising campaigns, free and paid consulting, trainings, seminars, webinars, grants, galas, walk-a-thons, and more. In all, we helped more than two dozen nonprofits raise more than $100,000 completely online.

In the process, we proved the naysayers wrong – those who believe you need to shake a person\’s hand to get a donation, or to have someone walk through your office and check the place out before a grant is funded. Mobile and tablet use is at an all-time high, and expected to increase in 2013, and the web is the MOST effective tool your organization can utilize to bring funders in the door. Period.

But don\’t take our word for it. Salesforce, the world\’s largest database company and database donor for nonprofits, recently voted OrgSpring as one of the premiere online fundraisers for the nonprofit industry. You can read more about that honor here: https://orgspring.com/orgspring-makes-top-10-list-for-nonprofit-social-media-fundraising/.

That\’s why we spent so much time writing articles that teach execs how to get their nonprofits online in a big way, and that\’s why our five most popular articles from 2012 are tutorials or templates:

  1. How to Create a Google + account for Your Organization – Google + is the fastest growing social network and its new communities section is a fantastic way to network with similar organizations.
  2. Google Drive for Nonprofits (which we expanded as a seminar at the Google offices in Pittsburgh, PA for a group of nonprofits)
  3. Facebook Timeline Templates for Nonprofits – when Facebook switched to the new timeline profile, we were there first with a set of templates for your organization to use to show off your pictures, staff, and to include those dramatic photos you\’ve taken all year at your events.
  4. Gmail to Salesforce – Again, we brought you news early on a new application to help you integrate your gmail apps account and Salesforce, making the organization of your data even easier than before.
  5. A Primer on Social Media Platforms – Trying to keep up with all the new social media networks can make your head spin. This article helps to make sense of it all for you, and teaches you how to make the most of the most important networks out there.

Our promise to you is that we will continue writing articles and tutorials that help make your organization more efficient, and more able to accomplish your mission through online efforts.

We\’re excited about our free 2013 Webinar Series for Nonprofits, and think you will be too.

Happy new year! Good luck in 2013. We hope it is your best year yet!

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