OrgSpring’s 2013 NonProfit Webinar Series

2013 OrgSpring NonProfit Webinar Series

2013 Free Webinar Series

Our mission is to help you accomplish your mission

We’re really excited about the list of webinars we’ve planned in 2013 for nonprofits across the country.

Every one has a unique focus aimed at making you more efficient, more tech friendly, and better able to use the web to fulfill your organization’s mission.

Just look at the long list of topics we’ll be covering throughout the year:

  • How to fundraise online
  • Creating a social media policy for your organization
  • Integrating Social media into your organization’s daily routine
  • How to get free software for your nonprofit
  • Introduction to blogging
  • Advanced blogging for nonprofits
  • Everything you need to know about starting a donor database
  • Email marketing for nonprofits
  • Online funding appeals using email marketing campaigns
  • Creating, managing, and charging for your events online
  • Creating online surveys to poll your audience and support your programs
  • Beginning Web Design for nonprofits
  • Advanced Web Design for nonprofits
  • and more to come…


Are these Webinars Really Free?

Our mission is to help you fulfill your mission, and our funding is is being used to make each one of these webinars free to nonprofits in the US and Canada.

In case you’re worried about that old saying “you get what you pay for” here are just a few of the accomplishments of the nonprofit clients we trained, designed sites for, helped get started on social media, or on whose behalf we worked in 2012:

  • National Awareness Campaign – Resulted in more than $15,000 donated online in under a month, and a first page ranking on google for a brand new nonprofit website. Here’s what they had to say: “Craig and OrgSpring changed my nonprofit’s financial well being. One button brought in over $15,000 for our walk-a-thon in less than 1 month and his social media strategy helped our org raise nearly 40% more on our events. OrgSpring is a gamechanger.”
  • Benefit Fundraiser – Accepted donations online, sold tickets, and took sponsorship opportunities totalling more than $85,000 collected for this one-day gala event.
  • Event Conference Website – Captured registration for more than 300 people completely online. Here’s what they had to say about our help: “OrgSpring’s expert advice enabled us to add features we weren’t aware of and helped to make our 37th annual conference one of the best ever in terms of attendance.”

We’ve worked with homeless shelters, victims of domestic violence, churches, international aid organizations, community centers, and medical research organizations, mom and pop shops, one person orgs, nonprofits with 40 chapters, and many more.

In total, we’ve helped nonprofits add more than 10,000 fans and followers to social media streams, raise funds well into the six figures through online channels, and one client even won a huge political election with our web and social media guidance.


Topics You Asked For!

The 2013 series of webinars was designed with your feedback – the very topics you asked us to cover, and a few more we think are going to be particularly important in the very near future.

During an OrgSpring webinar we don’t just spit out information and leave you to figure the rest out. During most of our webinars we pause to take questions and to address any issues you might want us to cover. Due to time constraints in using this format, we place attendance limits on all our webinars.

To be notified about each upcoming webinar and to obtain a registration link make sure you subscribe to our Webinar list to the right of this page. Members will receive the registration link for each webinar a few days before it is given to nonprofits in the public.

Also, because our mission mandates we work with nonprofits, you must be a registered nonprofit (501c3) to participate in the free webinar series. We ask for your federal tax ID number as part of the list process and check that against the current IRS tax exempt database here in the US, and in Canada. Only nonprofit organizations will be invited to register for each event.

We thank you, our nonprofit friends and partners, for all that you do to make our world a better place, and we hope to see you online in 2013.