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As you know, OrgSpring provides websites and training for nonprofits. Our YouTube page alone houses nearly 100 training videos with specialty web content for nonprofits. It’s been watched by nonprofit executives like you nearly 200,000 times and for more than a half million minutes!  But we want to do MORE!

That’s why we’re planning a major program initiative for 2015 called OrgSpring’s Nonprofit Website Training!

Here’s what it’s all about and why we’re doing it…


Website Training is Expensive

The market for web designers and training is ridiculously expensive. When we started OrgSpring, it was to provide websites and training to organizations with limited access to resources.

Some training programs available today have fewer than 50 videos with less than 5 hours of content and they can cost upwards of $250 per month to learn.

You don’t have $250 per month, or even $100 per month to spend on website training, nor should you spend that much.


Website Training is Inconsistent

As you know, at OrgSpring we use WordPress for nearly all our websites. We dont have the space in this email to get into the reasons why, but take our word for it – it’s the best web platform available and currently powers nearly 20% of the entire web across the world. Yes, it’s that good.

But WordPress training platforms rarely update often enough to follow the most recent versions of WordPress. Even the best WordPress training programs can be a few weeks behind the updates, or, more importantly, leave out important videos that teach you lessons SPECIFIC TO YOUR NONPROFIT SITE!


Custom Videos Don’t Exist

Because most training companies are in then business of selling to the masses they provide videos on general content. Things like creating posts or adding images. Those are fine topics – required of any training program.

But they don’t provide custom videos for custom topics like Adding Sliders to your site, or how to take online donations or how to run a crowdfunding program directly on your site.


OrgSpring Will Do It Better!

Our plan is to do video training better than anyone else out there. Here are a few of the basics of the program we’re planning:

  • It will will be offered to OrgSpring network members at no cost
  • It will be available online, day or night
  • It will contain more than 50 videos ranging from 5 minutes to an hour (or more) each
  • It will cover nearly every conceivable topic of managing your WordPress website, from the admin panel, to advanced topics like online donations, fundraising campaigns, slider images, events calendars, and everything in between
  • It will be viewable on any device: desktop, mobile, tablet, smartphone, and directly in your OrgSpring network website admin panel
  • It will be available early 2015…hopefully 🙂

We’ve been working with WordPress as editors and developers since 2008, and in just the last two years we’ve helped to create and host more than 300 nonprofit websites using WordPress. But we still don’t claim to know it all. In fact, our experience shows that the best ideas for improvement come directly from you – the very people using the sites on a daily basis.

Which is why we need your help!


We’ve created a quick survey that will help us understand which elements of your website are most important to you, where you spend the most time on your site, and where you need the most help.

The response to this survey will allow us to create better content for you, and to prioritize the videos we develop and deliver.

Please take a moment and fill out our online survey. There are just a few questions and I promise it will take no longer than 30 seconds to complete.



Nonprofit Website Training Survey

  • In order of importance, from most important on top to least important on bottom.
    • Administration
    • Adding Content (posts, pages)
    • E-Commerce (donations, products, services)
    • Events Calendar
    • Sharing on Social Media Streams
    • Media (images, video, sound, documents, etc.)
    • Other
  • In order of need, with the most need on top and the least need for training on bottom.
    • Administration
    • Adding Content (posts, pages)
    • E-Commerce (donations, products, services)
    • Events Calendar
    • Sharing on Social Media Streams
    • Media (images, video, sound, documents, etc.)
    • Other (specify below)
  • If you chose OTHER for either of the previous fields, please specify the topics or areas in which you need the most help or training.
  • If you're organization is not currently on the web, or you have a website but aren't updating it on a regular basis, please explain briefly some of the obstacles you face, or some of the things that might be holding you back.
  • This training program will be offered for free to nonprofits participating in the OrgSpring network. The project will be funded through grant initiatives and private funding, but we'd like to know what the value of this type of program would be for you. Please estimate its worth to you or your organization. Enter a whole dollar amount for the entire program, like $50 or $250.
  • This is a space to let us know anything else you think we should consider when creating the training program.
  • Would you like to be notified of the survey results and responses when the survey has ended?
  • Would you like us to send you free ice cream?

    Actually, we just put that there to see if you were still paying attention.We're not going to send you free ice cream.

    Seriously, we ate it all. Sorry. But thanks for filling out the survey.

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Craig Grella

Founder and Executive Director at OrgSpring
Craig is the founder and executive director or OrgSpring, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits achieve their missions online. Through tips and tutorials, Craig's goal is show nonprofits how to use technology to become more efficient, grow their list of supporters, and increase online donations.