Nonprofit Website Hosting

As a nonprofit, we are constantly on the lookout for affordable and reputable technology companies, and whether you need to create and host just one website or 100 websites, there are only a few companies that we trust enough to work with for our clients, friends, and even our own personal sites.


Blue Host

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OrgSpring currently uses Blue Host for several websites, domains, and hosting. We use normal hosting plans and VPS hosting, which is a new offering from Blue Host, for larger and more complex sites. Most nonprofit sites, especially new and small sites, will be perfectly fine placed on a standard blue host professional hosting account which runs anywhere between $4.95 per month and $6.95 per month, depending on the term length you choose.

Blue Host’s support has been fantastic, and easy to reach. They have a knowledgeable team that is very responsive and quick to diagnose any issues you might run into, which shouldn’t be too many. Their domain control, hosting, SSL implementation, and other services as top notch. We recommend them highly.

If you’d like to check a domain name availability right here on our site, enter it in the box below and proceed to Blue Host for confirmation:

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OrgSpring does not currently use GoDaddy for hosting, but we purchase our SSL certificates through GoDaddy, and often we’ll purchase domain names there as well. They have a fantastic DNS service that allows easy management for clients registering domains there but hosting elsewhere. They often run specials and offer hosting as low as $2.99 per month with a year long commitment. They also often offer free domain names with hosting purchases, which makes them an affordable all around choice.

If you plan to use WordPress, you do NOT need their special WordPress hosting plan. It is more expensive, and in our opinion, does not offer anything their normal service doesn’t already cover. It seems to be more of a marketing tool than anything else.