Website Audits

Nonprofit websites are complex technical systems with many moving parts that require frequent updates and a keen eye toward security. Our audits help you quickly diagnose issues and overcome roadblocks with your website. Audits also help identify potential security issues, and provide a roadmap for your site’s success.

Nonprofit website audits are offered as part of the OrgSpring Education Program, an initiative to provide nonprofits with means to take control of their existing websites, or to help them properly plan new ones.

We offer two levels of website audit:

  1. Half hour phone conference – Used as a quick diagnosis for issues you may be having with your site, or to get recommendations on changes you can make for immediate improvements.
  2. Full Website Audit – This gives us a deeper dive into your site, and allows us to offer more recommendations and to provide solutions to roadblocks you might be facing. We dig into your code, we look at your plugins and theme functions, we check for SEO issues, internal and external links, run security tests, and more. In the end, we provide a written report of everything we’ve found, and, more importantly, a list of recommendations for moving forward and improving and securing your site.

How the Sessions Work

  • Phone calls are 30 minutes and conducted via a conference line
  • Full Audits start with a short conference and then require us to access your site in more detail. For the initial conference we can do a phone chat, Skype, Google Hangouts, or online meeting.
  • We can discuss ANYTHING you want during your session

Why We Charge a Fee

  • We’ve created and managed over 100 nonprofit websites…and counting
  • We are nonprofit website evangelists with more than 400 articles written, including nearly 100 for the largest web design and coding related communities on the web with nearly a million hits a month online.
  • We know the web, and we know nonprofits – You pay for our expertise. Still, we come in at a fraction of the market price and our nonprofit partners would probably argue the service we provide is superior. See below for more on that.
  • The nominal fee we charge for these education and consulting sessions helps us provide more free sites to nonprofits that need to be on the web to provide the important services they do, including domestic violence shelters, churches, cancer awareness groups, and many many more.


Other Things You Should Know

  • We’re a nonprofit too. That’s right, we have a 501c3 designation. You can read more about that here.
  • Our clients are all nonprofits, and we’re pretty sure they’re happy about how we’ve helped them – here’s what they have to say.
  • Everyone at OrgSpring lives by a creed. We think it’s important to have standards and beliefs and to set the bar high. Here’s the OrgSpring Creed.


If you’d like OrgSpring to take a look at your website fill out the form below and we’ll contact you right away:

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