Nonprofit Profiles

It takes alot of hard work, energy, time, money, volunteers, faith, and love to operate a nonprofit.

Often times, the people that work for nonprofits get no thanks for the good they do.

Few nonprofits have budgets to market their services. These organizations rely on the generous support of the local community, donors, and grant makers.

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the issues faced by other nonprofits, especially the small and growing organizations looking to make a mark in our word by helping other people. That’s why we provide the programs and services that we do, and it’s also the reason we’ve started a nonprofit profile section of our website.

Each week, we’re planning to profile a nonprofit doing important work. We’ll tell you who they are, what they’re doing, why we think you should know them, and why you need to support the organization.

If you’d like your organization to be profiled on our site, or if you’d like to nominate another organization, please fill out the form below.


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