Nimble Social CRM for Nonprofits

Nimble is a contact relationship manager (CRM) that is deeply integrated with social media networks, and one of the only CRM’s to allow direct posting from your contact forms inside the CRM to your social streams directly.

It is extremely easy to use, very quick to get setup, and even easier to integrate into your daily workflow. We’ve been using Nimble for a few months now here at OrgSpring, and we’ve really enjoyed the ease in which the platform works. So much so, that Nimble has earned it’s place as one of very few apps we use each and every day, all day.

This page of our site is dedicated to showing you how you can integrate Nimble into your nonprofit’s workflow. In doing so, we believe you will not only make your organization a more efficient group, but you’ll also take control of your data, increase your base of supporters and advocates, and actually start to increase your organization’s health.


Nimble’s graphical contact view with activity and contact history, and social sidebar

Who is Nimble For?

Nimble is for any person or organization that wants to track contacts, relationships, grants, and foundations. It’s for any organization that wants to take control of its data, become more organized, and increase its online donations.

It’s also for people looking to integrate all their social media channels right into their CRM. It’s for these people that we’ve put together more than 120 minutes of instructional video to help you get setup with a new CRM, and learn how to make it work for your nonprofit.


Why Is Nimble Different?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably tried other CRM solutions. Maybe you tried Salesforce, but got discouraged with the long learning curve. Maybe you tried CiviCRm, but got discouraged with its limited power. Maybe you’ve tried stand-alone systems like Razer’s Edge or E-Tapestry or SugarCRM or Act or Zoho.

You might also be asking, what makes Nimble so different? That’s a natural question to ask…it’s one we asked ourselves before trying the product, and one we feel qualified to answer now that we’ve been using it for some time.


Nimble’s User Interface Just Works

The biggest different you’ll see with Nimble is that the interface feels familiar. The developers have taken time to make sure the menu system looks and feels like other menu systems you’re currently seeing online with popular applications. The user experience is very easy to understand. The system has limited menu items to choose from and all the pages flow logically from one into the next.

The “Today” dashboard rolls up all the important information and presents it an easy to read format. You’ve got immediate access to top-ranked opportunities, top-ranked engagement, upcoming birthdays and job change announcements, plus all your normal calendar functionality like immediate tasks and events.

This gives you quick access to thinks you’re likely to use every day and at multiple times throughout the day. You can view nearly every other piece of information in your system by clicking any one of just 6 links.


Nimble’s deep social interaction allows you to interact with your social media pages right in the Nimble application


The Best Social Media Integration of Any CRM

Let’s face it – we’re not just using email to make connections anymore. We’re finding donors on Twitter, reaching new supporters on Facebook, and we’re hiring new employees directly from LinkedIn. Social media is a big part of what we do, and its role is not likely to diminish anytime soon.

It make sense to use a system that is deeply integrated with the social media channels we use often. Up until now, most CRM’s just plugged in contact information or showed you a timeline for review. But Nimble goes a step further.

Last year, Salesforce bought Radian 6, and that was a step forward in helping integrate social media into a major CRM, but they’re still not complete in moving that functionality. Right now, the interface is clunky, and for integration with certain networks, like LinkedIn, Salesforce is charging an extra monthly fee.

But with Nimble, they’ve really done social right. Your major network streams, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Foursquare are deeply integrated with the site. You can link up your personal accounts and pages, and use the system to post directly to those networks. That’s right…you don’t have to link out to those systems to post. This is not simply a link that then takes you to twitter or Facebook. Posting to social in Nimble opens a simple status update box, and from that one area you can post to a single stream or all your social streams at the same time.

This one feature alone has saved me several minutes a day switching back and forth between programs to read and then send out messages. I probably gain an hour a week back in time lost on other systems. Over the course of year, I’m estimating gaining nearly 50 hours of additional time that can be spent growing my business, not fighting with technology. And that’s just one facet of Nimble’s time saving nature.

What would you do with an extra 50 hours? How many more people could your organization help?


Turning Social Interaction into Actionable Engagement

It’s one thing to look at all your status updates in a program like Hootsuite. It’s another to be able to turn those interactions into actionable engagement.

Currently, if you find a great status post in Facebook, or any other social media stream, that you wanted to take action on, you’d have to copy and past that update into a text editor or into a description field of your contact inside a CRM. Or worse, you’d email it to yourself or use some buffer application to get it over to your own digital world. Then you’d talk to your team about it, maybe share it with them online, and then ask someone to follow up. Nimble shatters that process, and makes the task 1,000 times easier for you.

With Nimble, every status update or message in your CRM can be turned into an action or activity. If you see a Facebook post hit your wall, and you want someone on your team to respond to that message you simply click on the status update and assign it to a team member for follow up inside Nimble. It then shows up in that team member’s activity screen and on his or her task list.

Just a few clicks and you’ve created a team task with the ability to track and manage the follow up on that task. This is an amazing productivity tool. To be fair, that functionality does exist in other systems, but usually it’s an add-on tool that costs extra. Nimble includes that in its standard service at no additional cost.


Nimble’s unified inbox shows all contact types in one easy reading pane, including email, social networks, retweets, fans, followers, mentions, and more.


Nimble has a Unified Inbox

Nimble doesn’t just integrate social media networks. It also integrates your email and your calendar. They did this to make their application a one stop shop. You can literally exist inside Nimble for all your communication and not have to worry about going to outside sites for access to contacts, events, or social updates.

Anyone who uses Outlook knows what it’s like trying to integrate their CRM with their email. It’s a pain, and rarely can it be done without some type of double-entry or duplicate data showing up. In the worst cases, we’ve even heard of clients losing entire files of data.

Email can be viewed in your unified inbox right next to your social updates, or it can be viewed separately. You can also choose to separate out each individual social media stream to focus on engagement in just one platform.

Nimble integrates well with Google apps, gmail, any IMAP email, Outlook via CSV, and vCards. It also integrates with Google calendar, Outlook calendar, and more. The settings are just a few clicks and the program is intuitive enough to get it done.

Each individual user of Nimble has the ability to link his or her gmail account, or other email account, and one calendar. If the company has a shared calendar, that can be added in its place. The company is planning integration of additional calendars, but there is no timeline horizon for that completion yet. Still, Nimble’s calendar integration is leaps ahead of most other systems.


Nimble will sync your calendar, show your events and tasks, and even let you assign tasks to team mates


Search Functionality is Amazing

Nimble includes a unified search feature, which returns your search query across all data in your system. It segments the data for you so you can quickly filter the results or setup conditions which must be met for display. This is all done with just a few clicks of the mouse, as opposed to hard-to-understand logic references that other systems use for search algorithms. At some point, you’re going to need to search the database for information that got buried. Nimble makes finding that info painless.


How Nimble Works: OrgSpring’s Video Tutorials

So you’ve read enough and want to try the system. We’ve created several videos to show you exactly how to get started using Nimble. If you want to get started right away with your own Nimble Account, visit the Nimble Account Creation Page.

We’ve wrapped all the Nimble Tutorial Videos into a play list, which you can view here on the OrgSpring Nimble Videos Playlist Page.


Video 1: OrgSpring’s Review and Introduction of the Nimble Social CRM

In this video, we take you step by step through the entire Nimble system, showing you everything we mention above, plus much more. You see the system work in real-time, how it looks, works, and can make you a more efficient organization.


Video 2: Creating a Nimble Social CRM Account for your Nonprofit

In this video we show you how to create your very own Nimble account and hook up the first of your social media accounts. If you like what you saw in our review and intro video, you might want to get your own Nimble account, risk free, and follow along as we show you how to set your own account up.

To get started, visit the Nimble Account Creation Page and then follow along with the video below.



Video 3: Setting up Your Social Media Networks in Nimble

In this video we show you how to connect all your social media networks to Nimble, so you can unify your social media workflow and access status updates directly from your Nimble application. You can add networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Foursquare, and also your email accounts from places like Gmail or Google Apps, or exchange server emails, Outlook, general csv’s, and even vCards.



Video 4: How to change your Nimble Settings for a nonprofit setup

In this video we show you exactly how to tweak you Nimble settings to get the most use out of the product for your nonprofit. We’ll discuss editing your profile, attaching new networks, handling billing, checking your account usage statistics, setting your email signature, inviting team members as users, and more.



Video 5: Nimble Daily Email and Engagement Workflow for Nonprofits

In this video, we show you our actual workflow – what we do every time we log into Nimble, and how we use Nimble on a daily basis to make us more efficient and to engage more people online. We also show you how Nimble can notify you of major engagement opportunities, and how you can take advantage of them in the CRM system.



Video 6: Create and Event or Task in Nimble

In this video, we’ll show you how to create events and tasks in Nimble, and how to assign tasks to team mates. It’s a great way to set follow ups on items that come directly from your social streams without ever having to leave the Nimble program.



Video 7: Scheduling Social Media Updates in Nimble

In this video, we show you how to use Nimble to buffer your social media network status updates. There are many reasons why you’d want to do this, and we go through each one, and explain how Nimble allows you to post status updates right in the CRM without the need to link off to your individual networks.



Video 8: Integrating Nimble and Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very popular social network dashboard, which can show you many network streams at one time. We recommend using Hootsuite and Nimble together for organizations that want to get maximum control over social monitoring. In this video, we show you how to sync contacts between Nimble and Hootsuite effortlessly.



Remember, to get started making your organization more efficient, create a Nimble account now!


How Much Does it Cost?

Nimble has a personal plan for a single user with up to 3,000 contacts and less than 1gb of storage. That plan is free, and it’s the perfect option for those start up nonprofits where one person runs the whole show
You might be saying, “well, I’ve got more than 3,000 twitter followers, how does that work?” Nimble was smart in the way this works. Your social media followers, fans, and friends don’t actually count as contacts until you specifically designate them as such, and import all their real-time data from the social feed into the contact tracker portion of the CRM.

For users that might need more than 3,000 contacts, the platform starts at just $15 per user per month. No long term contracts. A small amount to pay to keep your data organized and efficient. If you’re working in teams, and have multiple users that need to access the same data at any time, that’s where Nimble can make a huge impact for your organization.

Whatever you choose, you get a full 14 days to test the product and you don’t have to give any payment information during that period. Upgrade or cancel at any time. It’s literally a no lose situation. At OrgSpring, we see new tech everyday, and Nimble is a piece of tech that has changed the way we work with contacts. We think it will change the way you work too.

You can learn more about Nimble or sign up for a trial or full service by using the link below. Please know that OrgSpring does earn a commission for any Nimble orders purchased through this link. That doesn’t mean the product costs more. It doesn’t. We are paid directly by Nimble. An a nonprofit, we appreciate the support of those who use our services, donate to our organization, or use our affiliate links. It helps us to keep putting out amazing tutorial videos like the ones you see above, among others. Thank you!


Get Your Organization Started Using the Nimble CRM!



Just this morning, the folks at Nimble released an amazing update to the software platform that integrates it with Dropbox. Millions of people and organizations use Dropbox as a cloud file solution, keeping important documents in the cloud for easy access, team sharing and collaboration, and more.

Now, you can easily link your dropbox documents directly to your contacts in Nimble. Contracts, agreements, project documents, presentations…anything Dropbox accepts can be linked inside Nimble, and with just a click your document pulls up automatically.

No more worrying about carrying hard drives or thumb drives with you to meetings. If you’ve got internet access, you’ve got access to your linked file.

The new functionality allows file attachment to contacts and deals, and it gives you the ability to attach multiple files at once.

If you’d like to know how we use Dropbox to share files with partner nonprofits, you can read that post here.