New Facebook Timeline Templates for Nonprofits

Facebook Timeline Template Package by OrgSpringYou’ve probably seen the changes implemented by Facebook called the new Timeline; a more engaging and graphical format for your personal profile and brand pages. If you haven’t seen them yet, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, then get yourself online – the world is waiting!

To help you adjust to the new changes, we’ve put together an incredible package of Photoshop templates with all the major types of photos one could place on his or her Facebook Timeline. There are few, if any, packages like this available on the net, and certainly not for free. By far, over the past few weeks, this has been the number one request from friends and fans.

These are the very templates we use to help clients put together their custom Facebook pages. Of course, it always helps to have the trained hand of a designer at work for your organization, these templates are a great place to start for those do-it-yourself’ers out there.

The OrgSpring Facebook Template Package includes the following:

  • Timeline Cover
  • Profile Pic and Brand Logo
  • Tab Photos
  • App Pages and Content
  • Milestone Photo
  • Shared Photo

We realize not everyone has Photoshop at his or her disposal or a graphic designer on call. So, as an added bonus, we’ve exported each of these templates as a photo (.png format). Even without Photoshop, you can find an inexpensive (or free) photo editor which should help you put your own pictures into these templates. You can see a sample of a few of the PNG’s included within the package below (not to scale).

Facebook Milestone-Photo by OrgSpring

Milestone Photo Template



Profile-Pic-Brand-Logo Facebook Template by OrgSpring

Profile Pic and Logo




Tab-Photo Facebook Template by OrgSpring

Tab Pic


For those not familiar with what each of these templates/photos is used for within the new Facebook Timeline, ¬†we suggest taking a look at this Facebook infographic from Jon Loomer. It’s one of the better explanations we’ve seen so far. While you’re there, checkout his other articles and tutorials. He has a fantastic site filled with great information – especially all things Facebook related.

Now for the best part – the templates are completely free. Simply enter your email address in the form below. You’ll be signed up to receive our not so regular Tech Tips and Tutorials Newsletter, and best of all… you’ll receive the template pack zip file immediately via email.


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Craig Grella

Founder and Executive Director at OrgSpring
Craig is the founder and executive director or OrgSpring, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits achieve their missions online. Through tips and tutorials, Craig's goal is show nonprofits how to use technology to become more efficient, grow their list of supporters, and increase online donations.