If you browse multiple sites at a time or leave multiple tabs open in your browser you know how disorganized the windows can get. The more windows you have open the harder it is to find what you need and to navigate through your tabs. In this post, I\’m going to show you how to organize your browser, minimize tabs using a cool extension, and even how to load only the tabs you need when you start your browser new each day.

This is a video tutorial, so to start, you can head over to the OrgSpring YouTube page to view this video, or just take a look at the video embedded here below. Remember, all our videos are shot in HD, so make sure you click the cog icon on the YouTube window at the bottom right, and select the highest resolution your screen will allow.


We chose to focus on Chrome for several reasons – we love it, and the extension we reference — Awesome New Tab Page – works well with Chrome. Also, according to W3 Schools, Chrome is the world\’s most used internet browser with more than 50% market share. The point is — alot of people use chrome, and the ones who don\’t…should.


If you\’ve got any questions about the video tutorial, or about tech needs for your nonprofit, please leave us a comment here or on the YouTube page. Enjoy!





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