How to Create a Google Plus Account

\"How[dropcap]G[/dropcap] oogle Plus is the newest social media network from the giant of online media, Google. As of the writing of this post, the Google Plus network is estimated to have more than 100 million members, which it has amassed in less than a year of operation. What\’s only slightly more amazing, is that industry analysts predict the network will have 400 million users by the end of 2012, nearly half as many as Facebook.

Google + takes the best of Facebook, adds in a much easier to use interface, more transparent security settings, and integration with all of Google\’s other services. If your organization is not yet on Google Plus you are missing out. Currently, it has a highly professional audience, and members are among the elite in the technology and blogging communities. The point is – when you share something – there are people watching, and these people are much more likely to engage with your content and your organization.

This post kicks off a multi-tutorial playlist of videos helping you to create an account and to get more familiar with its features and how they can help get the word out about your organization.

You can view the first video in the series below entitled, How to Create a Google Plus Account.


Remember to optimize the screen using the icon in the bottom right of the video. It was created in HD and looks best maximized in your browser. Also, Check back tomorrow for more tutorials in the Google Plus series to learn about everything from changing your security settings, to organizing your circles, and making your content go viral.

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