\"HowIf your nonprofit has made a committment to take advantage of social media this year, Google Plus is a great place to explore.With more than 100 million members, it is the third most popular social media network, and is expected to jump into the second slot by year\’s end.

Getting your nonprofit started on Google + can be done in just a few easy steps, which we outline in the tutorial video shown below.

[message type=\”warning\”]To create a Google + page for your nonprofit, you must first have a personal Google account. To learn how to create one, watch our tutorial entitled How to Create a Personal Google Plus Account. [/message]

Google makes it easy to share posts, links, videos, and pictures with fans and friends, which are called \”circles\” in G+. Putting your nonprofit organization on this social media network will help you expand your base of supporters, and get the word out about your important cause.

Remember to optimize the screen using the icon in the bottom right of the video. It was created in HD and looks best maximized in your browser.

Also, Check back tomorrow for more tutorials in the Google Plus series to learn about everything from changing your security settings, to organizing your circles, and making your content go viral.


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