A few months ago, OrgSpring was the first to write such a detailed article about an app which we thought would take the Google and Salesforce app world by storm. In fact, we liked it so much we also wrote an article about it for Technorati Tech, where it remained as a featured article for several days  – an unusual feat for such a new app.

As it turns out, we were right – Those two articles remain the top Google searches for the terms \”gmail to salesforce\” among other related keywords. Also, the app has been rated highly by the GetApp Learning Center site, A best app by Foursquare, and has received a near perfect rating by the Salesforce Appexchange – having one of the most consistently high rating of any app on the platform and consistently strong reviews and remarks from its users – including us!

Now, we\’re writing another article about the app to inform you of a recent update that is going to knock your socks off! Well, not literally knock your socks off, but it will make your life MUCH easier, MUCH more efficient, and combine two necessary apps into one perfect workflow.


Cirrus Insights is a cloud application that integrates Google Apps (gmail and calendar) into your Salesforce CRM. That means any email you get inside gmail is recognized by the app, automagically converted to usable salesforce data and synced to your crm. It pulls both contact and account data, address information, phone and email information, even tasks, activities, and opportunities. It\’s basically like having your salesforce data right at your fingertips as you browse email.

A little status window pops up and tells you all the CRM data you have on the person related to the email you are currently viewing inside gmail. That can be opened and closed as needed, and works as a handy sidebar for information.

Now, the application developers have added the ability to sync your google calendar to salesforce as well – and this is the cleanest integration I\’ve ever seen. If you\’ve used apps like Appirio calendar sync and wondered why they are so hard to use, or why they are so expensive, and then wondered why someone else hasn\’t come out with a better solution  – worry no more – because that better solution has arrived.

\"Google \"Salesforce

Cirrus Insights is the best google calendar sync with salesforce on the market. Period. If you are currently using Cirrus, the calendar sync starts today. If you aren\’t using the app yet – you must check it out. OrgSpring has secured a code where nonprofits can receive 50% off the price of the service – which is already ridiculously low. Basically, with this code, you can get the service for less than $5 per month, which is several orders of magnitude lower than other calendar sync programs, and Cirrus offers a much more expansive sync.

At OrgSpring, we use the service ourselves, and have been using it since it first arrived on the scene. It is simply the best google salesforce integration platform, and you don\’t even have to install anything on salesforce. It works as a cloud app and gets permission to run inside google and salesforce. It works seamlessly with both apps and WILL make your workflow of adding data from one app to the other much easier and efficient.

The app syncs your google calendar every hour over to your salesforce calendar, and vice-versa. That means, if you create an event in google it will appear in your salesforce calendar. If you create the event while in salesforce it will show up in your google account. I know you use both apps like we do, so this will come as a welcome integration for you.

Additionally, the app will sync meeting attendees. If you add an attendee via google invite or through Salesforce as a linked contact it will show up in the other platform – synced perfectly. The app even works when you use the meeting request feature through Salesforce. When you finally set the event you will find it nicely synced to Google – just where you expect it to be.


This gives you the ability to click on the attached name in Salesforce and instantly view that contact for note taking during the meeting. In google, you can link to recent emails or even view the Cirrus bar for that person and see related opportunities or activities. It\’s a brilliant system.

Ok enough already. You know we love this system and can\’t recommend it highly enough. You want the code. The guys at Cirrus asked us not to give it out over the web because it\’s a special nonprofit discount. That means you need to send us an email so we can confirm you are a nonprofit and we\’ll respond to you with a code you can use to get 50% off the price of the service in an ongoing monthly fashion.

This is just another way the gang at Cirrus are giving back to the nonprofit community, and your tech friends at OrgSpring are happy to make it happen for you, and to make your digital life easier to manage.

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