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I’d like to introduce you to a new WordPress theme that I absolutely love, and believe you’re going to like it also. It’s called GoodWeb, and I hesitate even to call this a simple theme, because it looks more like a piece of art.


To start off, GoodWeb is brought to you by ThemePunch – the guys behind Slider Revolution – the best slider on the market in my opinion. You can read more about that in a recent post we did about 8 must have plugins for WordPress powered sites. For now, we’re going to concentrate on the new theme.

GoodWeb Theme Features

GoodWeb is packed with new views on standard WordPress functionality, and some new functionality you probably haven’t seen yet. Here are a few examples:

One-Pager or Multipage

One of the first things you notice about the GoodWeb theme is that it allows both standard menu functionality and one-page functionality. Standard web reloads the browser every time you click on a new page, link, or menu item. One Page functionality keeps all your pages on one single page, and as you click on page links or menu buttons, rather than reloading the page, it inserts the requested page into the current page, and uses scrolling functionality to bring you to that section.

This is an important distinction because it will reduce your themes http requests, which means your theme will load faster, and that is particularly good for performance, and because slower sites tend to have lower return visitor statistics. For some, it’s purely aesthetic – they like all their information accessible from one page with a scroll, rather than requiring visitors to click-through the site.

One page functionality is being used more and more with smaller sites, or sites that are more informational in nature – those that require less interactivity or engagement. The one pager was made popular by themes and frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, and have become very popular recently.

We’ve also shot a brief tutorial video in HD, showing you how to create a simple one page theme using the GoodWeb Theme. We focus on page creation and setting the menu structure so the ajax works correctly, turning your theme from a reloading pager to the GoodWeb one page. It’s only a few minutes long. You can watch it below, or on the OrgSpring YouTube page. Remember to click the little cog-wheel and select the highest resolution possible on your monitor.

Slides Shows and Sliders

The theme is designed with a full size, full screen view upon opening. That full screen functionality works whether you upload a single image, a slide show of images, or a slider – in this case revolution slider is built right in. That fact alone saves you $15 purchasing the premium plugin separate.

The slide show functionality is very cool. From the opening screen, you get a full size image with a heading and sub heading. This is a great way to introduce and highlight a specific segment of your business – and focus readers and visitors on certain pieces of content. In this way, you can almost control the flow through your site. You can see that functionality here:!home. Clicking the right or left arrow scrolls through slides you can set up. Clicking the down arrow starts going through your actual page content in the one-page setup.

If you choose the slider background functionality, those arrows work to advance the slides, which can contain images, movies, and any other html element you can fit on a slide through slider revolution. IT’s quite handy, and again, at full screen it makes for some dramatic transitions.


The theme is fully responsive, which means your images, content, sliders, and slide shows are going to look perfect on any device, desktop or mobile – from the highest resolutions to the smallest. The test site I created used images larger than 3000×3000 which means they’ll be crystal clear even on large screen retina devices. They look similarly good at iPhone displays and on android smart phones.

Much care was taken to make sure content displays cleanly, and if sidebars are chosen, to stack them in a way that makes sense with the flow of the theme. Especially in the blog view, where the posts come in with a timeline style.

Folding Map

The developers have wrapped in some cool jQuery functionality for maps which can be included in any page or post on your site. So basically, this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.56.23 AM

becomes this when the map is clicked or otherwise interacted with:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.56.10 AM

It takes an address you enter and turns it into a google map. Then when you mouse over the map, the map folds up and reveals behind it additional information you select – like the text version of the address, phone numbers, social media contacts, even html elements like contact forms. Its a neat feature that is unique to this theme, though i suspect it will start popping up other places soon.

Front End Developer

The front end developer is becoming more and more popular. It allows non-technies and non-developers to enter complex functionality into WordPress without knowing how to code. Things that would previously require short codes or html can be added to pages and posts with just a few clicks and some simple text settings. Also, its shown to you in a fancy graphical format different from the normal WordPress admin areas. An example of the front-end builder is shown below:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

The front-end builder gives you the ability to see your page as it appears to the visitor, and to drop in new elements with the click of a mouse – no code. In all you have 20 elements that can be added to any page or post including the following:

  1. Text/HTML
  2. Shortcode
  3. Headline
  4. Dividers
  5. Clear Floats
  6. Spacers
  7. Tabs
  8. Accordions
  9. Buttons
  10. Services (shown below)
  11. Single Team Members
  12. Progress Bars
  13. Team Walls
  14. Videos
  15. Price Tables
  16. Images
  17. Media Walls
  18. Google Maps
  19. Widget areas
  20. Revolution Sliders

These are content elements typically included in separate plugins that you would normally pay extra for. Sometimes theme builders include these for free, but rarely with a list so extensive as this one.

Business Services Features

The theme has a built-in feature for showing your services. This is very popular for pages that want to highlight just a few features on the home page. You can see how that looks here:


Three boxes across the top, each with different color buttons that push the viewer off to pages that give more information about those services. Below the service boxes in this picture you’ll see the start of the blog view timeline, which we discuss next.

Blog View Timelines

GoodWeb theme takes the standard blog view and displays it in timeline fashion. This is more like how social networks display content. Like Facebook, content boxes pop up in 2 columns on your page, slightly staggered by date. They also feature different size images, and depending on the content featured in that post, the display can actually change too. GoodWeb uses the same idea with its post timeline. Posts are arranged in 2 columns and popup as you continue scrolling down the page. The number of posts can be set inside the theme itself, or you can just let them load indefinitely. It’s a really cool feature.

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

GoodWeb taps into the new WordPress post formats and uses them to display your content in a few different ways. It highlights the category and the title with clean crisp typography, then shows a featured image or thumbnail. You can choose to have the image take up the full column width or display along side the content floated in either direction.


As you progress through the GoodWeb theme you’ll notice the site elements move in and out using animation. Blog posts fold in as you scroll through the timeline, services and featured items appear and then disappear as you move past them. Parrallax images and slides move around the page. It gives the viewer the feeling that your site is alive, and that every move you make might bring in a nice new surprise. This is a nice artistic tough, and does more to add value and style to the site than just adding some cool graphics or flat elements, which seem to be the rage now – a trend I hope will die quickly despite Apple’s use across all its new OS platforms.

Of course animations can be turned off via the settings panel if you don’t like that feature – but I recommend leaving it on!

Grab the GoodWeb Theme

I don’t recommend alot of products. That’s not my mission, or the mission of OrgSpring. But I list it here because I really like this one, and because I know the development team over at Themepunch. They are a fantastic team, one of the best, and the are more responsive to your comments and requests than any other support team I’ve worked with. They will go the extra mile to make a customer happy, and you can tell from their products that they LOVE WordPress.

You can pickup the GoodWeb theme at Themeforest – it’s already selling like hot cakes. As a side note, the link to the left is an affiliate link to Themeforest. When you buy something using that link, we make a small fee. As you know, OrgSpring is a nonprofit. We make these posts for the benefit of other nonprofits. We also take the time to make dedicated tutorials and offer them to our community for free. When you buy using our affiliate links, it helps us to continue making our programs, services, and tutorials available for free. Thank you for your support.

You can also link to the GoodWeb theme without the affiliate link.


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