If you are a nonprofit that has been looking for a way to better integrate your email solution with your CRM, this post is for you. We\’re going to show you a new application that helps you integrate Gmail with Google Apps and Salesforce. It works amazingly well, and will increase your productivity passing data between these two extremely important tools.

\"gmailCurrently, there are several products on the market which charge upwards of $100 per month for this functionality, but the program we\’re showing you in this video costs just $9 per month, and for nonprofits you can get it for 50% off using a code which you can get by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.

This new application allows you to do the following from your gmail/google apps window:

  • Create a new contact/account in salesforce
  • Create a new task, event, case or opportunity in salesforce
  • Review activity history for the contact in salesforce
  • Log calls/emails for that contact within salesforce


You also have the ability to click on any field within the gmail sidebar to go directly to that information within salesforce for that contact, account, or opportunity.

The application also allows you to attach email sent from gmail directly to a contacts activity page in Salesforce, so when you are inside salesforce looking through contact lists, or analyzing campaigns you can search and browse by latest activity or emails sent. You can also have a quick view of the most recent communications if you happen to be speaking with that person – all without having to go back into gmail and search for that user\’s email address or recent conversations.

We\’ve begun using the tool at OrgSpring and it has not only increased our productivity, but has helped us keep a cleaner record of information within Salesforce. We no longer need to email bcc our salesforce address to get emails into accounts and contact histories, and we no longer have to create tasks to remind us to enter in new contacts. When we get an email in Gmail the application sidebar tells us if the contact exists in Salesforce, and if it does not – we can create one right there and then.

To get a more thorough look at the application in action, checkout the video we shot below, and remember to enter your email address in the form below to get our special code for 50% off the price of the application.

The video attached here walks you through the application installation, setup, and also how to get up and running with salesforce integration. We do all of this in just a few minutes, using a test account, and even have a few minutes left over showing you actual functionality with a few of our own accounts.

Remember, all our videos are shot in HD, so click the icon on the bottom right of the video to let it fill the screen. It will still be crystal clear.



Enter your email in the box below and we\’ll send you a link to the application along with a code to get 50% off the price. You\’ll receive the code automatically via email.



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The developers of this application have updated the software and released a new version with substantial improvements. There\’s nothing to download since this is a cloud based app, but we have recorded another tutorial video walking you through those improvements as well. You can find that video on the OrgSpring Youtube Page.  Enjoy!


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