One of the benefits of being a 501 Tech club is the cool swag we get from NTEN, and for this month\’s meeting we\’ll be giving away some cool stuff. At the end of the event we\’ll be giving away a few items to attendees who braved the inaugural meeting.

Just today I received delivery of the NTEN swag bag, which includes the following items (please excuse the bad photography – my hands were shaking with excitement):

2014 Ferrari California


453 horsepower with a top speed of 193 mph, and a whopping 13 miles per gallon fuel efficiency. This car has been the childhood dream of both girls and boys ever since Don Johnson popularized it (and the white sport-coat) on Miami Vice.


\"20131115_180227\"Coffee Travel Mugs

We\’ve got a small handful of coffee mugs emblazoned with the artistically wonderful NTEN logo.

But these aren\’t ordinary coffee mugs, not only do they allow you to carry wonderful, tasty, hot coffee from your home to work in-style… they also get your breakfast ready and take the dog out while you shower.

These mugs are sooooo nice, I\’d be willing to bet that if you brought them into Starbucks or Dunkin\’ Donuts they would probably offer you free coffee.



NTEN Conference Canvas Tote Bags

A Francis Bacon painting on canvas recently sold for $142 million at auction from Christie\’s in New York, but that triptych has nothing on these stylish canvas tote bags from this year\’s NTEN national conference.

You can\’t take Bacon\’s painting shopping, or put things in it, can you? No, you certainly cannot. And that\’s what makes these bags so cool. Legally, we can\’t say they\’re worth $142 million too, but I think once you get a look at them you\’ll agree. In fact, they look so good, we didn\’t even bother taking a picture because the picture would not have done them justice.


\"leprechaun\"A Real Live Leprechaun

Every day is brighter when you have your very own leprechaun, and that\’s just what one attendee of The Steel City Nonprofit event next week is going to get.

Just imagine, your very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Who needs luck when you\’ve got a magically delicious, super cuddly super-powered mini man?

Mr. Leprechaun is not suitable for homes with children under the ages of 8, small pets, or for anyone who still wears penny loafers.


\"20131115_180309\"Moleskin and Spiral Bound Notebooks

Hemingway and Fitzgerald both used moleskin notebooks to jot down blocks of text that became some of the most memorable and beloved works of modern literature.

When you wrap your hands around these beautiful non-hand-crafted notebooks made in an automated nondescript notebook factory the words will flow onto the page like never before.

You might as well pencil your name into the best seller\’s list now!




The Ferrari may bring you long gazes from passersby, but the PayPal Here card reader will help you accept credit cards on the go and at the office.

One lucky attendee will receive this handy-dandy reader which works on Android tablets and phones, and also iOS devices like iPads and iPhones.

It works directly with your PayPal account, and if you don\’t have one of those yet, we\’ll help you set one up – that is what a tech club is for isn\’t it?


Wrapping Up…

Oh, did we mention this event was free to attend, and that we\’ll be providing some late afternoon food, coffee and other drinks?

If you haven\’t registered for the library tech event yet you should head over to the event page and register right now.


***Note: In case you haven\’t figured it out yet, the Ferrari it not a real swag prize. NTEN did not send us a Ferrari and we\’re not buying one to give away, not even a matchbox car. The stuff about making breakfast, the bestseller list, and walking art were not true either. Yes, we told a small fib to get your attention. Sorry.

The mugs, bags, moleskin notebooks, and PayPal card reader are absolutely true and waiting for you to take them home next thursday afternoon at the Steel City Library Event!

And take a moment to visit NTEN\’s website too – they have wonderful programs for nonprofits and more educational webinars than you can shake a stick at!

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