\"\"This short tutorial takes you through creating a Facebook page for your organization using the new enhanced timeline features, now standard across all Facebook pages. This is an updated version of our older tutorial which can be found here.

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When Facebook made the switch to standardize personal profiles and page views there were some graphical changes to the way pages are created. Functionally, it\’s still the same process, but we wanted to update the old tutorial and make it consistent with the new Facebook changes. Again, we\’re using the familiar John Smith Foundation, a dummy corp which doesn\’t really exist but serves as the basis for this tutorial.

Remember, all our videos are shot in crystal clear HD so make sure to click on the full screen bracket logo on the bottom right of the video window to expand to fill your entire screen.


Just in case you missed the link provided in the video, here\’s another link to the Facebook Timeline Template package where you can get free access to the Photoshop and Image files for the just about every Facebook Timeline Template you could need.

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