Corral Your Contacts Using a CRM Database



Implementing a Database or CRM

Every nonprofit NEEDS a database or customer relationship manager (CRM). It is a necessity if you are tracking donor information, foundation contacts, or grant submissions.

The benefits of keeping a database are well documented. Simply put, organizations that track and analyze their contacts receive more money in donations, win grant renewals more often, and keep in better contact with their support base.

OrgSpring has worked with nearly every major database on the market, and we make that experience available to our nonprofit partners at affordable prices.

We will help you maintain your database including:

  • Creating and deploying custom fields and records
  • Creating and deploying custom campaigns and events
  • Creating and deploying custom page templates and dashboards
  • Creating, running, and analyzing custom reports
  • Assisting with integrating your payment processor and donor functionality
  • Assist with integrating the database and your websites
  • Training your staff on how to use the database

At OrgSpring, we LOVE the Salesforce Nonprofit Donation Platform.

A 10 seat license is offered to registered nonprofits and not only do we help you make that grant application, but we’ll help you get it setup too.

Salesforce Setup

Salesforce is a versatile, and dependable database that integrates well with many other platforms. The foundation 10 seat license donation worth nearly $20,000 per year also makes Salesforce the CRM platform of choice for nonprofits.

Every nonprofit has unique needs, and more specifically, unique data collection needs. Two similar nonprofits in similar industries will have slightly different data collection methods, and may prioritize certain information over others.

With this high diversity in collection methods, it is nearly impossible to create a template “one size fits all” database for nonprofit usage, even taking into consideration the many data points common to most nonprofits. This is evident in  the lack of usability of Salesforce (and most CRMs) “out of the box.”

Therefore, when we perform Salesforce customizations and training we require an introductory meeting to discuss the needs of the individual nonprofit.

In particular: we like to have a good understanding of:

  • The type of information you want to collect and track on an individual contacts
  • The type of information you want to collect from foundations and other organizations.
  • The type of reports you like to run (or would like to start running)
  • Whether you plan to integrate a calendar or events into Salesforce
  • Which platform you plan to use for donations
  • Whether you need to access outside information on contacts, like social media accounts, internet information searches, etc.
  • Whether you plan to have staff enter contact information or to have your contacts enter their own information via a web form (or both)
  • Whether you need restrictions or security measures put in place on data access by staff or clients

This may seem like a daunting task, but during our initial meeting we will guide you through a series of questions and arrive at your needs, which will then allow us to efficiently setup your custom Salesforce dashboards.

OrgSpring has a 100% success rate obtaining the Salesforce foundation grant for its nonprofit partners. Fill out the form below and we’ll help you get setup too!


The Power of the Salesforce NonProfit Database and CRM

Nonprofits can use Salesforce to track nearly any piece of information about leads, contacts, companies, foundations, grants, donations, and more.

Here’s how we use it to track contacts:

Tracking contacts in Salesforce is easy.

Tracking contacts in Salesforce is easy.

You’ll notice we can keep track of important contact information, and it has complete social integration. We can pull data and images from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks. We can schedule events directly from our application and then sync the calendar with Outlook or Google.

We can keep track of all the phone calls, emails, and letters we send to this contact – even attach copies of those communications directly to his record so we can review them next time he calls.  All of this can be automated to sync directly with your favorite email program.

Here’s how we use it to track Foundations:

Track companies, foundations, grantmakers, and more.

Track companies, foundations, grantmakers, and more.


We track the organization, and make note if it is a normal company or a grant-making foundation. We can track the asset size of the foundation, it’s last reported income, even how much it made in grants over the previous year. We can also track the type of grants it makes, and all the contacts at that company and the positions they fill (shown below).

Track Grants

You’ll see, in the image above we can track every employee or contact at the organization and what position he or she fills. We track activity history made with those contacts, and any grant opportunities we might have in relation to that foundation. Any events or meetings we have scheduled will show up in this view and on our calendar, which can be shown in one of many views, including a full monthly calendar, or daily view along side a task list.


You can also track individual grants, as shown in the image below. At OrgSpring, we track grants that we apply for by collecting making notes about when we submitted a proposal and to whom it was submitted. Who might have decision making power, and the calls or emails we sent that person.

Track Grants

We can track any notes or conversations we’ve had, even attach files we’ve sent or letters that were sent back to us. We can also track competition for this grant and things other nonprofits might be doing to get similar grants.


The Benefits of a Nonprofit Database and CRM

Having a database and CRM for your nonprofit will help you stay organized and ahead of the competition. Grant funding is fierce, and you need to make sure your organization is doing everything it can to position itself to obtain proper funding.

Contact OrgSpring today and let us show you how to implement a Database and CRM. Fill out the form below and we’ll assess your current database and show you how you can apply for the Salesforce Database donation, worth $20,000 a year – absolutely free!

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