Changing Your Notification Settings in Gravity Forms for WordPress

\"GravityGravity Forms is a premium plugin from WordPress that adds beautiful and functional forms to your website. With its ability to capture nearly any type of information that can be submitted on the web, and its fantastic library of add-ons, and its API which allows you to alter forms for theming and plugin development, Gravity Forms is, in our opinion, the best form plugin on the market.

In this tutorial video, we\’re going to show you how to review your form entries, and how to set form entry notifications.

A notification is a message or email that is displayed to the form application, either in text form, a page redirect, or an email. This tutorial reviews those options and walks you through the creation of a new notification, and reviewing and editing a user entry to the form.

This tutorial is not a comprehensive overview of the gravity forms plugin in general, but rather a specific tutorial on admin and user notifications, and application form entry review.

The video is shot in HD, so remember to click the cogwheel Icon at the bottom right of the video player to use the highest available resolution and quality your computer will allow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here on this blog, or on the YouTube page for the video.


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