Analysis of Winning Political Websites for Congressional Races in PA

Every year I analyze the use of websites in political races across the country. This year there were more candidates with websites than I’d noticed in the past. That’s a good thing, in my opinion – the web is an ever-increasing way to reach your audience at a much lower cost base than sending mailers or […]

OrgSpring Gains Official IRS 501c3 Approval

We are excited to announce that OrgSpring recently received official 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS via determination letter. You can see the OrgSpring exemption letter here. It’s a simple document, really, and it outlines the basic organization exemption information. Things like EIN, Accounting period (this determines filing timelines for tax forms), whether a 990 is […]

A Petition to Congress: Require the IRS to Review and Rule on Tax Exempt Applications in a Timely Manner

OrgSpring is petitioning Congress to establish a timeline for the IRS to review and rule on tax-exempt applications. Amazingly, there is currently no rule or law requiring the IRS to review nonprofit applications in any timely manner, resulting in delays of as many as two years for some organizations. Real nonprofits are making a real […]

IRS Nonprofit Tax Exemption Application Scandal

In the wake of a growing scandal within the IRS a quote from Thomas Jefferson comes to mind: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” ― Thomas Jefferson At OrgSpring, we’ve taken the time to write our Congressman and Senators, encouraging them to get more involved […]

How Big Media Aims to Destroy the Internet As We Know It

At OrgSpring, we don’t tend to use our blog as a soap-box or to give opinions on legislation or law related to the internet, but a suit filed recently by  Verizon against the FCC very clearly shows the intention of big media to control the internet, and more pointedly, charge you (the consumer) more money […]