The Tools We Used to Help a Nonprofit Collect Donations of $465,193 in One Day

Last month, we participated in The Community Foundation’s Day of Giving – an historic event which raised $465,193 in just one day. A portion of that money was raised completely online using a few simple tools available to all nonprofits. In this post, we’ll tell you how they did it, and the tools we used […]

How to Create a Facebook Ad for Your Facebook Page

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to create a Facebook ad for your Facebook page. This is a great (and inexpensive) way to add awareness for your organization or your cause. The video runs approximately 18 minutes and will work for nearly every skill level. There are two requirements you should be aware of […]

Armstrong Gives Day of Giving

OrgSpring is so proud to be a part of the Armstrong Gives Day of Giving – a program of the Community Foundation Serving the Heart of Western Pennsylvania. The Day of Giving is a one-day only event, held today May 14, 2015, where the foundation accepts donations on behalf of more than 60 local nonprofits, […]

Google Calendar Sync with Salesforce

I’ve written about Cirrus Insights many time on this site and on other sites around the web. It is the single best tool available to combine and sync your work between Google Apps and Salesforce. They are, in my opinion, the two best apps on the market for nonprofit workflow, and Cirrus Insight is THE […]

Nonprofit Online Donation Vendor List

E-commerce is the ability to sell products and services on your website. But more than that, it’s the ability to take payment for those items on your site too. In the context of nonprofit websites, e-commerce also means the ability to collect donations and take contributions. As OrgSpring helps to make nonprofits more tech-savvy, E-commerce is […]