Amazon Smile Program Will Donate to Your Favorite Nonprofit

I can\’t state strongly enough how much I like It\’s the only company that I know which will actually lower its prices to customers when its own costs go down, AND accompany that price reduction with a nice explanation letter from the CEO, Jeff Bezos. It\’s just one of the reasons I shop on Amazon, and encourage others to do so. And now, I have another reason.


Today, Amazon announced the Amazon Smile program for nonprofits. At Amazon Smile, you shop on Amazon like you normally do, and when you make a purchase Amazon will donate 0.5% of that purchase to the charitable organization you choose. This is HUGE!

Amazon is supporting over a million nonprofits, and OrgSpring is one of them. The process is easy, just visit and shop like normal. You\’ll be asked to support a charity first, and if you type in \”OrgSpring\” it will pop our name right away. You can also use our direct link to Amazon Smile here, or by clicking the thumbnail image below.

You\’ll be taking advantage of the same normally low prices that Amazon offers. There is no markup – the donation comes directly from Amazon to our organization. For more information about the program, you can read the announcement from Amazon here.

Since we\’re a tech tutorial org, we\’ll be doing a video tutorial later today showing you how you can setup Amazon Smile for your own organization, and get a link you can send out to your own supporters.

Stay tuned for that!



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