\"AddingGoogle Apps is a fantastic program for your organization. It contains the essential google items like Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Docs, and groups, but allows for  multiple users under one top level domain. This is why Google apps is such a good program for nonprofits with several staff members. Everyone can share files, contacts, and other applications through the Chrome Web Store. Not to mention the Google Grant program makes the education version of apps available at no cost.

However, you\’ll notice that Google brands the application for you and all the users of your organization with their very own text logo. As nice as the Google logo may be, having the ability to add a custom logo puts that special finishing touch on the application, and drives home the idea of unity across your technology platforms. Thankfully, Google makes it easy to add a custom logo to your application, and the video below shows you how to get it done in just a few short minutes.

One the video starts, remember to maximize the screen. It was shot in HD and looks crystal clear at larger sizes.

Video Tutorial for adding a Custom Logo to Google Apps


Text Instructions for Adding a Custom Logo to Google Apps

Log into your Google apps account, preferably your mail section of the account. You can access this by going to gmail.com and logging in with your apps account username and password, or by going to www.google.com/a, and then pressing the \”sign in\” button on the top right. From there you should enter your domain name, and make sure the drop down box is showing go to \”email.\” You\’ll click go, and then be asked to enter your username and password.

[message type=\”warning\”]This only works with google apps accounts, if you have only a personal gmail account this will not work. See google.com/a for more information on setting up a free google apps account.[/message]

Once inside google apps mail, you\’ll notice the stock Gmail logo in the top left of the page. It looks like this:


That logo persists throughout all the applications in google apps, calendar, groups, sites, drive, etc. But if your organization has a custom logo you can add that to google apps to replace the stock google logo. This adds a nice touch to finish off the application, and helps to create unity among your applications and staff.

Next, you\’ll select the cog wheel in the top right of the application window, and then select \”Manage this domain.\”

Then click on \”domain settings\” and then on \”appearance.\”

Header logos is the first choice you\’ll see when the new window loads, and it will be defaulted to the stock google logos. Under that, you\’ll see an option for custom logo, and beneath that a space where you can upload a file. Click the \”choose file\” button and navigate to the area on your computer where your logo file is located. Then click the \”upload\” button and it will be set as your custom logo for all your google application windows.

[message type=\”warning\”]The logo you use must have dimensions of 143 x 59 pixels, and must be in the .PNG or .GIF format. Any deviation from those two settings and the photo will not upload. Make sure you scale your logo to 143 x 59 before you try to upload it.[/message]

Once uploaded, you will see the logo show in the custom logo section. Make sure the radio box is checked next to the custom logo. A \”Save Changes\” box will appear at the bottom of your screen, but don\’t hit it just yet.

Scroll down a bit and you\’ll see a check box for \”Show this logo in all sites that users create.\” Check that box, and then hit the save changes button.

If you return to your Google apps or mail application window you would expect to see the logo update, but likely it will not. Headers are cached by google, so you\’ll likely need to go into your browser settings to clear your cache and browsing data.

Once that is done you can refresh your screen. You might need to log back into your google apps account, and when you do, you should notice the new logo has taken effect. Our looks like this:


And now you\’re on your way to custom google logo goodness!

If you have any problems following these text instructions, view the video posted above.

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