Using Images to Improve Your Nonprofit Websites and Blog Posts

  We use imagery in all our posts and we encourage every nonprofit to do the same. The advantages to having media in your posts are almost too many to mention, but we’ll name a few major ones that just can’t be overlooked. Dramatic Flair Posts with images just look nicer, and if you use […]

How to Create a Nonprofit Social Media Policy

A social media policy is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. For nonprofits, the stakes are high. There is so much competition for foundation funding, donations, even general support. To rise above the din every organization needs to make its voice heard – and increasingly that conversation is being taken online into social media streams. […]

The Technology of Kindness and Generosity

I’ve been in the nonprofit world for many years and have experienced some amazing things. I’ve seen people pulled out of burning buildings (literally), others saved from situations of domestic violence. I’ve seen sick children beat the odds, and I’ve seen deep compassion bring smiles to the faces of people who had stopped believing anyone […]

Amazon Smile Program Will Donate to Your Favorite Nonprofit

I can’t state strongly enough how much I like It’s the only company that I know which will actually lower its prices to customers when its own costs go down, AND accompany that price reduction with a nice explanation letter from the CEO, Jeff Bezos. It’s just one of the reasons I shop on […]

Get Your Steel City NonProfit Swag

One of the benefits of being a 501 Tech club is the cool swag we get from NTEN, and for this month’s meeting we’ll be giving away some cool stuff. At the end of the event we’ll be giving away a few items to attendees who braved the inaugural meeting. Just today I received delivery […]